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  • The Art of Returning to Love

    The prime directive of the Universe is a Return to Love. Each of us will return from whence we came, and I’ve become a huge fan of ‘sooner rather than later’. Human beings like to press the ‘snooze button’ when they get a nudge to move toward love more fully. When a wise person talks […]

  • Why Does My “STUFF” Keep Coming Up and Back?

    The stuff I’m talking about is fear, worry, doubt, anxiety, depression, anger, loneliness, and feeling not enough on virtually all subjects…not enough time, not enough money, not enough love, not good enough yada, yada. Even if  they don’t all pop in every day, it seems something pops up most days. “I’ve worked on my anger […]

  • The Beauty & Bane of Your Intelligent Mind

    I also thought of calling this post “Beauty and the Beast”, either one works because while our mind is wildly intelligent and can figure out amazing solutions to a myriad of problems, it is nothing in comparison to the “Supermind”. What’s the Supermind, you ask?  It’s the part of our consciousness that is fully connected […]

  • Compassion is a Key

    Did you know that your Heart is a portal through which Divine Love flows? It is. I had heard about the “heart chakra” for years and while I didn’t feel resistant to it, neither did I pay it the depth of attention it deserved. Until I did. Among the many incredible functions (both physically and […]

  • The Truth About LOVE

    It’s always interesting how one word can send people off into different directions.  Not bad or good, but definitely interesting. For example, the word ‘stress’ means different things to people. For one person it may mean a looming deadline, for another it takes them down the rabbit hole of their ‘to-do’ list, and for another […]

  • Your Mind is Your Friend or Foe

    In my twenties, I realized that if I talked to my friends the way I talked to myself in my head, I’d have ZERO friends! That’s true for just about everyone I know, unless she’s done the work of turning her mind into a friendly landscape vs. a minefield with bombs going off and monsters […]

  • Creativity: The Portal to Health

    If you are human you are creative. Even more so if you are a woman. The design of a woman’s body is for creation. As a woman your body is a divine instrument through which new life is constantly created. This means a ‘baby’ a small percentage of time. For some women, it may never […]

  • Are you Creative or Productive?

    Or both? I’m an ‘all of the above’ girl. I notice in myself and others, we are both creative and productive. It’s built into our operating system as a human being. The better question might be, “which is more developed?”  Or, “which do we default to habitually?” That would be ‘productive’ for most of us. […]

  • The Truth About Creativity

    Women tell me all the time that they aren’t creative. Or they don’t know where to start, and it feels intimidating. They’d like to get past the fear and begin to trust there is something inside of them, but they don’t even know how to begin. Which brings her to all kinds of questions like…should […]