I used to think ‘bliss’ was unattainable beyond fleeting moments that usually involved chocolate. But as I’ve cultivated my relationship with the Creative Life Force (which is the same thing as Spirit, Source, Qi, Universe etc.) and literally feel her move through me during creative healing processes, I’ve come to know bliss beyond chocolate.

The dictionary definition of bliss is; perfect happiness; great joy: a state of spiritual blessedness, typically that reached after death.

I realized that the reason it felt unattainable is because of that “typically reached after death” part of the definition. As I’ve grown spiritually, I’ve learned that our design is to anchor bliss (some say Heaven) here on Earth, through me. Through you.

This has given me a whole new perspective on bliss. I’ve asked for, and received, “states of spiritual blessedness” in every single creative healing process I’ve done. And I do them all the time. The ritual of setting that intention, engaging with my Creative Muse, and allowing this relationship to deepen is precious time spent. On par with meditation (even research shows regular intentional creativity as effective as meditation).

When someone tells me they don’t have time for this, I say, you can’t afford to NOT take the time.

Here’s why…

Every human being is searching for a sense of inner peace. Many (ok, most) are scratching and clawing and groping desperately for it, outside of themselves. Especially in these harrowing times. That inner peace IS the same thing as bliss.

Here’s the kicker…each of us and you and I are responsible for cultivating bliss or peace. And I can tell you for sure, it doesn’t get cultivated through worry, doubt, and fear. It gets cultivated by conscious choice. Sacred space. Invitation to, and from, the Source of All Life, Creatively.

It’s an inside job. The world isn’t going to help us out on this one.  And yet…

The world gets gifted, graced, and transformed by every person willing to do their part.

Are you in?

On my journey, I’ve learned that the ‘essence’ of the Universe is Love and the ‘manifestation’ of the Universe is beautiful.

Here’s where the beauty part comes in. It’s difficult to deny the bliss of beauty. Nature is our best palette, gallery, and expression of beauty. Constantly.

Remember, we are extensions of nature, and of the Source of that very nature. Thus, our innate, inborn impulse is to create beauty. Our own version of beauty. Your version is unique to you. And a gift just the same as the next person.

In physical form, we are ‘manifested’ Spirit of Life Force. And we’re in physical form in order to create. Creating beauty is bliss to the heart.

Now, here’s where the story gets even juicier. Regularly tapping into bliss (which is a practice for sure, easiest and most enjoyable via creativity IMHO), allowing beauty to manifest through us, is the secret to a bountiful life.

Enter: Bounty. Abundance. Plenty. Good.

Bounty is attracted to Bliss, Peace, and Beauty. The frequency of bliss, peace, and beauty (all emotions have a particular and measurable frequency), are so close to Love that bountiful good flows naturally.

Everything we want as a human being can be cultivated from inside ourselves. Not so much from the outside. The good news, when we go in and connect with our Creative Life Force, and manifest from that center, the bounty is good and it spills forth into your life. The bad news (only to the mind, not to the heart), we gotta show up regularly in order to cultivate the energy, pull the weeds, and allow for a bountiful harvest.

Practice makes progress. Practice calls for more moments of peace that begin stretching into the crevices of your day. Which makes it SO worth the practice.

How to do this?

Just start, there’s no right/wrong, good/bad, there is just you and your Creative Life Force aching to play together.