Bliss. Beauty. Bounty.

I used to think ‘bliss’ was unattainable beyond fleeting moments that usually involved chocolate. But as I’ve cultivated my relationship with the Creative Life Force (which is the same thing as Spirit, Source, Qi, Universe etc.) and literally feel her move through me during creative healing processes, I’ve come to know bliss beyond chocolate.

The dictionary definition of bliss is: perfect happiness; great joy: a state of spiritual blessedness, typically that reached after death.

I realized that the reason it felt unattainable is because of that “typically reached after death” part of the definition. As I’ve grown spiritually, I’ve learned that our design is to anchor bliss (some say Heaven) here on Earth, through me. Through you.

This has given me a whole new perspective on bliss. I’ve asked for, and received, “states of spiritual blessedness” in every single creative healing process I’ve done. And I do them all the time. The ritual of setting that intention, engaging with my Creative Muse, and allowing this relationship to deepen is precious time spent. On par with meditation (even research shows regular intentional creativity as effective as meditation).

When someone tells me they don’t have time for this, I say, you can’t afford to NOT take the time.

Here’s why…

Every human being is searching for a sense of inner peace. Many (ok, most) are scratching and clawing and groping desperately for it, outside of themselves. Especially in these harrowing times. That inner peace IS the same thing as bliss.

Here’s the kicker…each of us, me and you are responsible for cultivating bliss or peace. And I can tell you for sure, it doesn’t get cultivated through worry, doubt, and fear. It gets cultivated by conscious choice. Sacred space. Invitation to, and from, the Source of All Life, Creatively.

It’s an inside job. The world isn’t going to help us out on this one.  And yet…

The world gets gifted, graced, and transformed by every person willing to do their part.

Are you in?

On my journey I’ve learned that the ‘essence’ of the Universe is Love and the ‘manifestation’ of the Universe is beauty.

Here’s where the beauty part comes in. It’s difficult to deny the bliss of beauty. Nature is our best palette, gallery, and expression of beauty. Constantly.

Remember, we are extensions of nature, and of the Source of that very nature. Thus, our innate, inborn impulse is to create beauty. Our own version of beauty. Your version is unique to you. And a gift just the same as the next person.

We are ‘manifested’ Spirit of Life Force in physical form. And we’re in physical form in order to create. Creating beauty is bliss to the heart.

Now, here’s where the story gets even juicier. Regularly tapping into bliss (which is a practice for sure, easiest and most enjoyable via creativity IMHO), allowing beauty to manifest through us, is the secret to a bountiful life.

Enter: Bounty. Abundance. Plenty. Good.

Bounty is attracted to Bliss, Peace, and Beauty. The frequency of bliss, peace, and beauty (all emotions have a particular and measurable frequency), are so close to Love that bountiful good flows naturally.

Everything we want as a human being, can be cultivated from inside ourself. Not so much from the outside. The good news, when we go in and connect with our Creative Life Force, and manifest from that center, the bounty is good and it spills forth into your life. The bad news (only to the mind, not to the heart), we gotta show up regularly in order to cultivate the energy, pull the weeds, and allow for a bountiful harvest.

Practice makes progress. Practice calls in more moments of peace that begin stretching into the crevices of your day. Which makes it SO worth the practice.

How to do this?

Just start, there’s no right/wrong, good/bad, there is just you and your Creative Life Force aching to play together.



The Tree of Life & the 5 Elements

The Tree of Life is a symbol of life in many cultures and traditions. I’d like to talk about it with you in a mystical or spiritual, yet non-religious, context so we can observe how magical and remarkable The Tree of Life is.

The Tree of Life (different than the Tree of Knowledge as spoken about in the Garden of Eden) has a depth and meaning that symbolizes healing, transformation, nourishment, inspiration, and communication.

In looking at the parts of a tree, we can see…

  • The roots provide a foundation, support, and nutrition.
  • The trunk provides a solid center, stability, and a pathway for communication.
  • The branches extend themselves for exchange of sustenance (oxygen and carbon dioxide). We NEED trees for our oxygen.
  • The leaves create great surface area for the transformation and collection of the sun’s energy .
  • The fruit of the tree is a bountiful gift, an expression, and extension of nourishment.

In terms of the 5 Elements, each of them are represented in The Tree of Life:

  • Water from rain and the water table below the surface. At least half of what makes up a tree is water. Just like two-thirds to three-quarters of a human body is water.
  • Earth is the very foundation that supports, roots, and feeds a tree.
  • Metal being the respiratory system in a human body is the same exchange system for a tree. It breaths, exchanges, and transforms air.
  • Wood is the entire trunk, core, and stability of the tree. And as we know, where we derive all things made from wood.
  • Fire is the sun creating transformation and energy via photosynthesis.

I’ve said in other writing that I love the 5 Elements because they represent everything it is to be a human being. As well, they are like a road map and can help us find our bearings as we seek to heal, transform and thrive.

Take the quiz and find out which element is you…

And oh, how I love trees. With all my heart. They’re majestic to me. I live on my current street because 20 years ago, I was sitting on the stoop a few doors down and I thought to myself, “If I were to move to town (I was living rural), I’d want to live on this street because of the trees!” Several months later, I moved in having had no plans to move when I said that!

Trees have listened to my woes over the years, well one tree in particular when I was living rural…the stories she’s heard. They’re alive to me, talk to me, teach me, and inspire me. I love to draw them, paint them, hug them, and just be among them.

Why The Tree of Life is a mystical, spiritual, and profound symbol is because it represents a human being. Yep, you and I. For a human being to thrive she must be rooted, supported, and nourished.  She must find and stay in her center, she must extend herself (only as far as her foundation allows in order to remain stable), she must breath in order to transform, heal, and exchange vital life force, and finally, she must bear fruit and enjoy her abundance.

Some would say that means to bear children, and certainly it can represent that, but the deeper meaning of ‘bearing fruit’ is her abundant creative expression. She is an extension of the Creative Life Force, therefore, she too, must bear the fruits of her creativity in whatever way she chooses. This is the secret of abundance in all forms.

The Creative Life Force or Qi in our physical experience IS each of the elements expressed a different way. Any of the elements left out, or unbalanced, will cause disharmony and disease, in a human as well as in a tree.

There’s a tale that says when the masculine principle became dominant, the feminine principle, and The Tree of Life, was turned upside down and forced underground, so to speak.

We have moved into a period where The Tree of Life, the feminine principle is ‘righting’ herself. Unfurling from a long period of being pressed down and held underground, so she may stand upright, strong, yet flexible, beautiful, bountiful, to heal and transform herself and the imbalance of humanity’s misdeeds.

Every woman has the opportunity to hear and heed this call. I invite you to consider this invitation with all your heart.

It’s your purpose in this life (if you’re here on the planet now, trust me it’s part of your purpose) to right and root yourself, create a solid spiritual foundation that heals, to nourish yourself, hold your center with strength, flexibility, and love, and to bear the fruit of creativity and abundance through your very being.

That’s the purpose of your life.

Join me for a “Tree of Life” creative healing ceremony here.




The Journey of Life in Segments

If you are tuned to the notion that the purpose of your life is to expand your Heart and Soul, and your capacity to be so aligned with Love that the dreary list of fear-based ‘stuff’ falls away. That dreary list is all the worry, doubt, anxieties, lack, limitations, not enough time/money/vitality/connection, and so on. Then you are on your Journey of Life.

At one point I realized that I was spending my energy spinning on a hamsters wheel with all that dreary crap and not getting anywhere. It certainly felt like I was busy getting somewhere, but that was a bold-faced illusion. Because….

The hamsters wheel is NOT the path!

Sure we can get side-tracked, but in my experience, the Heart always calls us back onto the path. The sooner I get back on the path, the less suffering.

The path is where transformation occurs. And it isn’t necessarily linear. It tends to be more spiral in nature.

Transformation is where we transmute dense, mis-qualified energy into the light of our True Being. An example of ‘mis-qualified’ energy is a belief that pain or disease is normal when our true nature, what is coded in our cells, is health and well being. Or that lack is normal, when plenty is an aspect of our Divine Blueprint.

Our attention, focus, and belief, holds the mis-qualified energy locked in place.

There are a myriad of ways, both obvious and hidden, that we don’t accept, forgive, and love ourself. This too, is mis-qualified energy. Why?

Because we are an extension of the Source of All Life, an extension of this Creative Life Force. That’s the truth that each and every Soul is aching to know and feel in their cells.

The “journey” is the Divine Reconciliation of your mind, heart, body, and soul with Source or Divine Love or the Creative Life Force (all the same).

That’s not usually an overnight journey. There are segments to any journey.

If we use a road trip as an example of a journey, the segments might be…the part between home and the first bathroom stop (cuz you know that’s gonna happen :), the part that takes you over the first state line (You are Now Leaving California, Welcome to Arizona!), the part where you stop for lunch, the part where you stop to sleep in a cheap Motel, the part where you’re so bored that singing 99 Bottles of Beer on the wall is actually fun, and the part where you drive up to your destination.

Our Life is the entire road trip, from beginning to end. Sure, sometimes we get a flat tire, blow out an engine hose, can’t find a place to sleep for the night, or have to pee in a bush, but we get back on the road and head toward our destination.

It’s always about getting back on the path. No matter how many detours we have to take.

Here’s the point of all this road trip ramble…

While we may be antsy, impatient, and constantly wondering, “Are we there yet?” We know that the first state line crossing is not our destination.

I would ask you to consider that a ‘part’ of your journey is not the whole path. We want it to be because we want to ‘be there’, but it is what it is…a part. A part that connects with the part before and the part after it, a truly important part, no question. But it can’t be what it isn’t. The part isn’t the whole.

Yet each part is whole and perfect in and of itself. Each part strings itself onto a strand of pearls and is a beautiful work of art. That string of pearls, and work of art, is your life.

For example, a part could be the years you were in college, or your child rearing years, or that health issue that took you by the tail, whirled you around, flung you onto the asphalt, and walked away leaving you exhausted, bruised, and defeated. But then you got to your feet, brushed yourself off, googled a bunch of shit, saw some healers, changed your nutrition, and found your way back to healthy.

And the things this ‘part’ of the journey taught you, opened in you, gifted you! Never would have happened without the bash to the asphalt.

Sometimes we’re traveling by foot on this path and it seems painfully slow. Yet, every step is movement.

The caution, because we’re so bloody impatient, is to keep from forcing the part to be the destination. Because most of us want to be ‘there’.

‘There’ is an interesting thing to ponder. Where exactly is ‘there’? What if there is no ‘there’? If energy (which you and I are) is eternal and it only changes form (first Law of Thermodynamics), then is there even an end point?

If you’re in a phase in your life, if you’re in a program or class, or in any segment of your life, what if you were to let it be a valued part rather than trying to force it to be the end all?

What if each and every thread in your tapestry of life is perfect just the way it is?

What if the invisible weaver, the Creative Life Force, is thrilled with how your tapestry coming along?





A Divine Dialogue

Knock, Knock… (Playful, but not a joke)

Who’s there?

The Divine.

Oh, wow, hello.

I’ve been knocking for a while now, hoping we can have a Divine Dialogue. Did you not hear me?

Well, sure, I’ve been trying to meditate, but it’s not always easy.

What part isn’t easy?

I don’t know, my thoughts are all over the place, it’s actually not that fun, sometimes I catch a glimpse, and honestly, it’s hard to find the time.

I get it. I’ve got good news and bad news. You can do a formal meditation if you’d like, and being present to whatever you’re doing is just like meditation. More importantly, you need to develop the skills of pivoting those thoughts of yours. You know, the ones that stress you out and spin you up into a ball of knotted tension. I don’t know how you walk around like that!

I guess I’ve just gotten used to it.

I see that. If you’d let me in, I could help with that. Big time. Which leads me to the bad news. Without me, things will not get much better. Your mind will continue to run the show, at your great expense, and continue leading you into dead ends. Have you noticed that?

Well, my life isn’t that bad, I’m better off than so many other people on the planet.

Yes that’s true, but you were meant to thrive. No matter your age. You have the makings (I like to call it your Divine Blueprint) of excellent health, joyous and peaceful expression, abundance, and Love. This is literally encoded in every single cell of your being. Your mind has no idea how to unlock the goods that are yours by Divine Right. Just for being you. But I do.

I just feel tired all the time. And there’s always so much to do. And the state of the world! I don’t even know where to start on that one. Sometimes I wonder if it’s always going to be this hard.

I hear you. Almost everybody wonders that in those many moments of anxiety and fatigue. I hear it all the time. In fact, I’m hearing it more and more. May I make a suggestion?

Please do.

You’re not able to see the whole picture like I am. There is actually a Divine Order in the appearance of chaos, but you’ll not be able to see without my help. The first and best place to start would be to go into your heart and ask me to show you the way. And I will. That’s what I do. It’s how I roll.

Is that it?

Well, it’s the first step of your journey home. Home by the way, is your return to Love while fully in your body and life. You miss home. I’ll lead you every step of the way. While it may seem too simple at face value, there’s more to it under the surface, which you’ll discover. And you’ll love what you discover.

It’s a little scary.

I know, which is why we take it one step at a time. A perfect pace for you. But you’ve got to stay with me. I’ll open new doors for you. I’ll guide you to the perfect people to help you. I’ll send you comfort and support. Your part is your willingness to say “yes” and be as present as possible.

That’s it?

Open the door of your heart, invite me in, and say yes. You know how good relationships go, it’s a two-way street. I’ll do more than my share if you keep showing up. Does that sound fair?

It does, and I have to be honest, I’m a little worried about my part. I always begin with good intentions, and then I forget and it slips off my radar.

Just start, you’ll see where you’re weak points are, and I’ll light the way and show you how to strengthen them. With your strong points, of which there are many, I recommend you “work’em, and work’em hard”. You know, in the spirit of, where you’ve got it, flaunt it. You’ll see, it’s like building a muscle, just stay with me.

Ok, I guess I have nothing to lose.

Right!? Nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain. Can’t wait to play with you.

Bonus: It is always a good time to return fear to love

Until our next Divine Dialogue, Lovingly Signed,

Your Divine Self (& Better Half)

The Art of Returning to Love

The prime directive of the Universe is a Return to Love. Each of us will return from whence we came, and I’ve become a huge fan of ‘sooner rather than later’. Human beings like to press the ‘snooze button’ when they get a nudge to move toward love more fully.

When a wise person talks about replacing fear with love, an ordinary person is apt to dismiss the idea as impossible, lofty, and pious. But the fact is, the wise person is telling you something, which is one of the first laws of health, as well as morality. No person even for the body’s sake can afford to indulge in fear. It is akin to repeated doses of poison. When you are urged to return fear to love, you are not listening to a moon-struck idealist; rather you are hearing counsel that is as significant to health as advice about diet. This process has nothing to do with anything on the outside; it’s an inside job. The outside trigger serves to show us the fear that is ready to be loved free.

As the mind rebels, and the heart rejoices, do it anyway. It’s the point of life.

What is being ‘returned’ you ask? Great question. Everything that is not Love. Fear and all its cohorts such as doubt, worry, anxiety, grief, anger, not enoughness, you get the idea because there’s plenty of this going around.

Can you imagine our world as more and more of us make choices from Love rather than fear? Whole different world. Probably a world most of us would prefer to live in.

A Law of the Universe is that it can only reflect back to us what is “in” us.

This is exactly why it’s an ‘inside job’. We each must do our part…all hands on deck. I can’t do your inner work for you, and you can’t do mine.

I can unequivocally tell you that every time I release a piece of fear, I feel free.  This freedom imparts untold blessings that I could never see from my fear-based perspective.

A blessing is always on the other side of fear.

I’ve learned this process is foundational to everything else I do to be healthy, grow, and be the best person I can be. All the ways I contorted to avoid having this foundation rendered everything I was doing ineffectual.

I love this idea I heard from Barbara Marx Hubbard…You can’t heal yourself or the world by just being better at what is already not working. (not in quotes because I don’t recall her exact wording)

We’re already good at being terrorized by our fears, anxious about our anxiety, and worried to death about our doubts and worries. We keep trying to be ‘better’ at it, but it’s not working very well.

There is only one way home…and that is returning our self to Love. Period. The changes in our life come through us, not to us. We are our own alchemist. Transmuting fear back to truth. Because in the face of Love, fear is utterly nothing. There are no opposites here, there is only Love.

The world will change when more of us do. It can’t work any other way. By the Law of Life.

No more snooze button, will you join me in the Art of Returning to Love? Only Love is Real. Every heart knows that no matter how buried it is. Say Yes and your heart will show you the way. There is an art to it. Best news ever…your heart is an artist.

It is always a good time to return fear to love

Why Does My “STUFF” Keep Coming Up and Back?

The stuff I’m talking about is fear, worry, doubt, anxiety, depression, anger, loneliness, and feeling not enough on virtually all subjects…not enough time, not enough money, not enough love, not good enough yada, yada.

Even if  they don’t all pop in every day, it seems something pops up most days.

“I’ve worked on my anger issues, why does it keep coming back?!?!”

“Why do I feel alone in a room full of people. People I love even!”

“And why in the name of all things good does it feel like depression is smothering me, and anxiety and worry are choking me to death!?”

Scrambling for the ‘shut the f%&k up’ button in my head!

Before I was gifted the awareness of healing the core wounds of separation, my mind was a gymnastics nightmare, often referred to as ‘monkey mind’.

No matter what healing work I did (and I did a lot starting at 18 thru 54 ~ you can do the math :), things would feel settled for a while, I’d feel relieved but then stuff would just came back in a different form.

What are the core wounds of separation?

Probably a good idea to start with what the heck a ‘wound of separation’ is before we talk about what they are.

Simply put, before coming into a physical experience we were part of the whole. I imagine it as one big soup of consciousness that is love.   I’m on team… “We’re spiritual beings having a physical experience”.

To splinter off as an extension of the whole, as is the case for each human being, is a bit shocking. To arrive into the jungle that is life on earth, from a full, love-filled connection, is quite a contrast.

There is a distinction between ‘splintering off’ and being an ‘extension of’. In Truth we are an extension of the Source of Love. We’ve never been pinched off or separate, even as our lower mind would have us believe so. Erroneously, I might add.

As a mind indulges the false sense of separation, it’s alone and afraid. This is the mind field in which depression, anxiety, worry, fear, grief, pain, and not-enoughness takes over. Let’s say this is ‘point A’.

A slight shift in perspective and we are connected to the Source of Love and feel a different sense of being whole. Point B. Moving from point A to point B is the whole point of a life.

The point A perspective reflects back lack, limitation, fear, not enough, duality, health concerns, and that bloody feeling of never getting out of the weeds, never getting untangled from the ‘stuff’.

All this shenanigans can make people feel “broken”.  In truth, the only thing that is “broken” is our connection to our Source of Love.

Good news. It’s never really broken, we simply need to shift our attention in order to “see” that it’s always right here. Now. Never goes anywhere. It is us who refuses to leave the perspective of point A (fear tangle).

When we try and get out from under our ‘stuff’, we assume we can heal by attempting to be better at what is already not working. Never works. We spin on a hamsters wheel in the same perspective thinking that all the activity is getting us somewhere.

The ONLY thing that works is returning all the shenanigans of fear to Love. At which point fear is absorbed into Love, and transformed. That’s movement from point A to B. That’s True Alchemy.

The Gold is Love. And YOU are the gold.

The base metal transmutes into Gold. Your lower mind transmutes into Truth. One breath, one thought, one pocket of fear, one worry, one pain at a time.

It’s ok if you’ve got some layers to remove to get to the gold. We all do.

Every spiritual tradition, the essence of all teachings, the entire Bible are dedicated to this Truth.

Allow me to say (because it’s from my own experience, as well as working with others)…there is nothing you want more than this at the level of your heart and soul.

To learn more go here.

The Beauty & Bane of Your Intelligent Mind

I also thought of calling this post “Beauty and the Beast”, either one works because while our mind is wildly intelligent and can figure out amazing solutions to a myriad of problems, it is nothing in comparison to the “Supermind”.

What’s the Supermind, you ask?  It’s the part of our consciousness that is fully connected to Infinite Intelligence or Wisdom or the Divine Mind or Spirit or God (all the same thing).

Every person has this Supermind, but not every person is aware of it. Or knows how to connect into it, for that matter.

The mind you dance with every day, all day, is infinitesimal (extremely small), compared to your SuperConsciousExpert-licious-always-connected-to-goodness

su·per·ca·li·fra·gil·is·tic·ex·pi·a·li·do·cious  means: extraordinarily good; wonderful

Wikipedia:  The roots of the word have been defined as follows: super- “above”, cali- “beauty”, fragilistic- “delicate”, expiali- “to atone”, and -docious “educable”, with the sum of these parts signifying roughly “Atoning for educability through delicate beauty.”

That’s divinity right there.

The Supermind is ‘above’ the lower mind. When we’re connected to it, we’re in the world, but not of it.  Love is the essence of the Divine, and beauty is the manifestation of the Divine.

Atone means to make a reparation. Educability means the ability to be taught or educated.

Hello! That’s the point of life is to repair the places we have let our lower mind put fear in place of love. To create a wonderful relationship with our Higher Mind. That’s it. That’s the whole thing.

To be willing to learn, and be taught, how to return fear to Love. That’s the point of every life.

You will see, as you do this, you discover it’s the thing you’ve been looking for all your life (times).

It’s the pot at the end of the rainbow, the Holy Grail, the be-all-end-all, quintessential outcome, the proverbial ‘it’.

You will never find it in your lower mind. That’s the bane right there. The constant, annoying spinning that never seems to stop.

You can only find ‘it’ in connection with your Supermind.

For some reason we insist on proving that statement wrong. Which we never will.

We took a “sure I’ll play stupid pill and pretend I’m disconnected from the Divine Mind of Love” when we chose to be a magical, spiritual being in physical form. We wanted to play on the game-board of ‘physical life’.

It’s like the game of treasure hunt, in search for the treasure that is Love.

The stupid pill is wearing off.

The trail of clues is getting hotter.

The treasure is near. Your outcome is assured.

You’re almost there (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this!).

The game expands Love in the entire Universe.  And you’re a key player!

Fear is nothing. Love is everything.

There is no law that sustains fear in the Universe.

The entire fabric of the Universe (which, of course, includes you) is held together with the Law of Love.

It is only a lower human mind that even sees fear. And we keep looking at it. And that is the only thing that sustains it.

It’s time to re-emerge as the Love that you are.

Are you in? You’re welcome to enjoy a Free Course on gently bringing your fear to Love…

Compassion is a Key

Did you know that your Heart is a portal through which Divine Love flows?

It is.

I had heard about the “heart chakra” for years and while I didn’t feel resistant to it, neither did I pay it the depth of attention it deserved. Until I did.

Among the many incredible functions (both physically and spiritually) our heart influences, it is also the seat of compassion.

Compassion FEELS like softness, gentleness, or openness.

Compassion expressed is understanding, mercy, forgiveness, humanity and the offering of concern.

Compassion in action is the genius and magic of courage.

Any degree of compassion one offers must come from the overflow of compassion one has for themselves.

As the Buddha says, “If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete”.

As the Dalai Lama says, “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries, for without them humanity cannot survive.”

Nor is compassion, in any way, shape, or form, a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of strength. The mind has a hard time believing this. Yet, the heart knows it.

Challenges in accessing the deep compassion within every human being is because we’ve put up barriers, blocks, fears, and walls against love. These walls need to come down.

They are ready to come down. The prime directive of the Universe is a return to Love. You have never had more support, in the entire history of humanity, than now.

I thought I was doing ok. A good enough person. Then I realized, ‘good enough’ is neutral. Neutral is like straddling the fence. In this case the fence between fear and love. Neutral doesn’t move anything forward. Only love does. I had to get off the fence.

When I realized all this, I made three decisions:

  1. I made a 100% commitment and decision to return myself to Love.
  2. I asked the Universe to guide me in how to do that (which looked like seeking out those who had gone before me, learning from them, and doing my work)
  3. Everything I learned (and continue to learn), I am devoted to teaching others.

It definitely starts with a firm decision. That’s when things began to shift, and Truth began to show itself to me. I simply followed my inner guidance. I found beautiful souls to teach me.

I practiced. I practice every day. If I don’t, I lose my way.

I’m not perfect, but I’m progressing.

As I walk myself away from fear and toward Love, I’m realizing something. That there is nothing I want more (or that any human being wants more) because literally everything I’d been seeking all my life, gives itself to me on this journey.

Our world needs compassion, love, and mercy in spades. We won’t survive without it.

Did you know that one person with a compassionate and merciful heart cancels out thousands of people who are ruthless and cruel?

Here’s the key: For me to be compassionate, it requires that I love who I AM. Which requires me to know the Truth of who each human being truly is. You are, I AM an extension of Love. Period.

This is the true meaning of “know thyself”.

I can see and feel now, that it is from this Truth, that compassion and love is unlocked in a heart.

I invite you to be a compassionate one.

For How to Return to Love click here

The Truth About LOVE

It’s always interesting how one word can send people off into different directions.  Not bad or good, but definitely interesting.

For example, the word ‘stress’ means different things to people. For one person it may mean a looming deadline, for another it takes them down the rabbit hole of their ‘to-do’ list, and for another it could mean getting out of bed.

When a particular word is spoken, people see their version of stress.

The same is true for the word ‘love’.

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘love’?

For some it may feel cozy and warm, for another, it may feel empty and have the edges of scorn, and yet for another it may bring up the frustration and yearning for a romantic partner.

In our culture, it’s very often that the word love represents the romantic ideal of love depicted in our novels, movies, and commercials with the culturally agreed upon subtext that if you have this version of romance and love…all will be well.

I’d like to expand our perception of love. Can we have that conversation together please?

The entire Universe is held together by Love. The prime directive of the Universe is a return to Love.

Every breath you take is laced with Love. Your cells are awash in Love. Source, Spirit, the Universe, the Divine, God IS Love.  There is no where that Love isn’t. Love is the fabric of everything, including you.

As I’ve observed people over the years, I’ve noticed that we all want Love SO badly (because it’s who we are), they we’ve created these elaborate ideas in order to find it. Romance definitely seems to be high on the list.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against romance at all. I love a book or movie with an epic romance just like the next girl. As well, I deeply love my partner in life, love, and romance.

I just think we’re missing the higher vision of love and consequently, are selling ourselves short.

If we are love, we don’t need to find it in romance. Rather we bring love to all we do, including our romance, not the other way around.

I suspect that a BIG reason we struggle in relationships and over 50% of marriages end in divorce is because so many of us are looking for the higher version of Love in our relationships, and when it doesn’t line up that way, we’re disappointed, disillusioned, and pissed. Then we play that out.

We look for that higher version of Love because we KNOW it’s there. It’s in our heart. It’s only our limited view that blocks the presence and feeling of higher Love.

Limiting views and blocks to Love are nothing more than the scheming, distracting, plots of fear. It’s resistance.

What if we’re selling ourselves short by looking only as far as romance? What if the glorious stage of a new romance is a mere ‘hint’ of what true Love is?

What if the love we feel for our children and pets are another inroad to higher Love, yet barely scratches the surface?

Here’s what I’ve noticed…as I’ve raised the bar, vision, and view to higher Love, Love has revealed itself to me in everyone and everything. As I stay attuned to this broader perspective, it energizes all the places in my life where I thought I’d maxed out love and makes it even better.

Love is limitless, so there is no max.

Love is designed to expand and I invite you to allow Love to expand beyond what you thought possible. Let her show you and she will.

We are shaped and fashioned by what we Love. ~Goethe

I decided that I better make sure it’s the highest version of Love doing the ‘shaping and fashioning’.

Here’s the kicker, everything I want is bestowed upon me by Love anyway, starting there gets me everything I desire and more.

Starting there means dissolving the blocks of fear that are living in you rent free.

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Your Mind is Your Friend or Foe

In my twenties, I realized that if I talked to my friends the way I talked to myself in my head, I’d have ZERO friends!

That’s true for just about everyone I know, unless she’s done the work of turning her mind into a friendly landscape vs. a minefield with bombs going off and monsters jumping out to attack at every turn.

We live in a Mind based Universe. My mind, your mind is connected to the SuperConscious, Intelligence of Source, that being the case (no exception), we either hear static or a sonata.

Static is the hissing sound of being mean to ourselves in our own mind. It’s constantly pushing us because we’re not enough, we’re never enough. It’s cold, hard fear. It never shuts up, never gives us a minute of peace, and is happy to turn up the volume in our weakest moments.

I was at the dentist this morning and my dentist was telling me he was at an annual gathering of dentists over the weekend. One of his long-time friends and colleagues said to him that he was “so tired of being afraid of his fear, tired of being anxious all the time about everything.”

We went on to talk about how most people live with a regular sense of anxiety and fear-based, never-ending static in their heads. People are exhausted from it.

Can you relate?

Your Sonata on the other hand, oh she’s beautiful. She sings for you. She whispers in your ear loving truths. She appreciates for the love that you are. She shows you your next steps. She embraces you with a knowing and a feeling of safety. She leads you to your every fulfillment. She’s the Universe in You. She’s the Source of Life that moves in through and around you.

The only thing she needs from you is your willingness to direct your focus to her. Which means away from fear. Which seems impossible at first. But it’s not only NOT impossible, it’s the point of your life.

You don’t have to be perfect, or get it exactly right. You just have to start trying, get some momentum going. Trip over yourself and be OK with that. There are no rules except one.

The only rule, so to speak, is that you use your mind to direct yourself towards Love. This automatically withdraws your attention from fear.

As you do this, you’ll see with your own eyes, and feel with your own feelings, the gift of changing your mental landscape from a minefield to a bounty of peace and inspiration. She will discover that her mind is her most cherished friend, her access to all the good that is hers by divine right.

If any human being is unwilling to do this, she will struggle, she’ll be exhausted, stressed, and never find the peace and fulfillment she deeply craves.  Her mind will be her worst enemy and will torture her endlessly.

Each tipping of the scales from the minefield of misery to the terrain of truth, clears, heals, and cleanses your Soul, returning you home to Love. Each clearing connects you to Infinite Intelligence that much more.

I know this in every cell of my being because I’ve lived in both the minefield of misery and the terrain of truth. It’s the difference between hell and heaven.

Did you know that the entire bible and just about all spiritual teachings are to teach a reader/listener/follower about the battleground of the mind and how to walk off the minefield into the land of truth?

I learned that a couple of years back, and while I’m no bible expert, the passages that have been ‘translated’ for me into the true mental and metaphysical meanings rocked my world.

I found myself saying, “Why didn’t they just freaking say that! I would have been on board a long time ago!”

Where do you begin you might wonder. Start with a decision. A decision to be kinder to yourself in your head (which means you’ll have to pay attention to the foe part, without judgement – you’re observing the state of the union – or lack of union thereof!).

To allow the loving part of you (yes, she’s there, she just hasn’t been able to get a word in edgewise) to whisper to you, to show you, to lead the way.

As you do that, if you need support, by all means get it! I have needed, and still need, lots of support to keep myself out of the minefield. By all means, don’t cheat yourself on this front.

Dissolving and dissipating fear is a human beings number one job in life. Nothing works well until this is tended to. Health, Expression, Abundance, Love…it’s on the other side of fear. With my whole heart, I promise you this.

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