Did you know that your Heart is a portal through which Divine Love flows?

It is.

I had heard about the “heart chakra” for years and while I didn’t feel resistant to it, neither did I pay it the depth of attention it deserved. Until I did.

Among the many incredible functions (both physically and spiritually) our heart influences, it is also the seat of compassion.

Compassion FEELS like softness, gentleness, or openness.

It is expressed is understanding, mercy, forgiveness, humanity and the offering of concern.

And compassion in action is the genius and magic of courage.

Any degree of compassion one offers must come from the overflow of compassion one has for themselves.

As the Buddha says, “If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete”.

As the Dalai Lama says, “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries, for without them humanity cannot survive.”

Nor is compassion, in any way, shape, or form, a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of strength. The mind has a hard time believing this. Yet, the heart knows it.

Challenges in accessing the deep compassion within every human being is because we’ve put up barriers, blocks, fears, and walls against love. These walls need to come down.

They are ready to come down. The prime directive of the Universe is a return to Love. You have never had more support, in the entire history of humanity, than now.

I thought I was doing ok. A good enough person. Then I realized, ‘good enough’ is neutral. Neutral is like straddling the fence. In this case the fence between fear and love. Neutral doesn’t move anything forward. Only love does. I had to get off the fence.

When I realized all this, I made three decisions:

  1. I made a 100% commitment and decision to return myself to Love.
  2. I asked the Universe to guide me in how to do that (which looked like seeking out those who had gone before me, learning from them, and doing my work)
  3. Everything I learned (and continue to learn), I am devoted to teaching others.

It definitely starts with a firm decision. That’s when things began to shift, and Truth began to show itself to me. I simply followed my inner guidance and I found beautiful souls to teach me.

I practiced and I practice every day. If I don’t, I lose my way.

I’m not perfect, consequently, I’m progressing.

As I walk myself away from fear and toward Love, I’m realizing something. That there is nothing I want more (or that any human being wants more) because literally everything I’d been seeking all my life, gives itself to me on this journey.

Our world needs compassion, love, and mercy in spades. We won’t survive without it.

Did you know that one person with a compassionate and merciful heart cancels out thousands of people who are ruthless and cruel?

Here’s the key: For me to be compassionate, it requires that I love who I AM. Which requires me to know the Truth of who each human being truly is. You are, I AM an extension of Love. Period.

This is the true meaning of “know thyself”.

I can see and feel now, that it is this Truth, that compassion and love is unlocked in a heart.

I invite you to be a compassionate one.


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