Creative Healing Testimonials

“When I first arrived at Laurie’s office I rolled up in a wheelchair with a cane in my hand and hope in my heart but hesitation in my mind. Today I walk fully capable without a cane, my pain has been reduced from a constant six to an even and fully manageable two and going down daily, and I am able to run, practice yoga, and play with my nieces again. What miracle could have possibly brought me such results? Quantum Qi breathing, Creative Healing Processes, conscious effort of the right food intake, and herbal supplements that have begun to untangle my bodies disease and restore life back into me. Before I had found Laurie and Eastern Medicine I had been looking to Western Medicine for the answer; I was on nine pills a day to “cure” my pain and supposedly heal my body but nothing was helping me. I was completely impaired meeting Laurie and within only two months time by listening to my body, praising my body, discovering my Creative Life Force, and allowing my body to breath, energies were exchanged and my body began to heal itself. As I began to listen to my body I realized that the more I tried to change what was happening to it, the more it resisted healing. Each creative healing process gave me a new opportunity to remind myself to allow my body to take the time it needed to heal and after every session my body felt relaxed, pain free, and open. For me, this was like a little piece of Heaven being that my disease makes my body very tense, tight, and painful. Taking my first step into this venture I couldn’t have imagined being where I am today but if I can convince one person by writing this to invest in making the choices of the 5 Element Creative Healing Program, Quantum Qi Breathing, and Right Eating I will feel like I made a difference because I honestly believe it saved my life.
–Kathy K.
  • “I received more insight into my creative healing needs, and unconditional support as I seek to become whole. My health is greatly improved and I’m on track in ways I couldn’t get to on my own. The entire process was positive in every way.”


  • “I enjoyed the Creative Healing process tremendously. Thank you for sharing the process with me and allowing me to work with the others in the group. Going into the journey with an intention was very powerful. It was very clear that you touched the hearts and the minds of those participating. You are expert at using creativity as a method for healing and your knowledge and passion made the process an emotionally healing and positive learning experience. Your caring nature shined brightly throughout the workshop.”   Thank you again, Linda


  • “You will enjoy this experience. Highly recommend!”


  • “I was able to use the layering of materials to discover that I am all of those layers. It was transforming to realize in a tangible way the years it has taken to build my layers of protection for myself, and to be patient with myself and allow the layers to reveal what they need to in time.”


  • “I had a very powerful experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and truthfully I was hesitant, but Laurie is very clear, makes everything easy and safe, and she’s a great guide. I’ve had some significant health issues that are now transformed and I’m beyond thrilled. I could actually feel energy moving in me which was, and still is, very sacred for me. It was a great exercise for me to let go of an outcome AND to be inspired by the process instead of being critical of myself. WOW.”


  • “The Creative Healing Process was an incredibly powerful experience. I was surprised and a little amazed by how clearly I heard a message from myself, to myself, that I don’t think I otherwise would have been able to access. The most important things to me have changed for the better in ways I don’t think I would have seen without this process. What an incredible experience!”


  • “I loved spending time with my creation because it allowed me to hear my wisdom. And it was the Creative Healing Process that allowed me to get there. I’d been trying so hard to get this insight and it came through this process.  And it was fun, I’ll take that any day.”


  • “Laurie’s shared insight/intuition & own experience allowed me to feel safe, accepted. I can see now how creating my health really is a spiritual journey. I have a desire to do it again and more. It’s as if it’s the answer I’ve been searching for to get to my own core/heart/soul. This method did it for me. 🙂 I looked in me, not outside of me and things finally started to shift for the better.”