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5 Element Creative Healing


In Chinese Medicine there are 5 Elements which relate to specific organs, functions, and correspond to all things mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. (You know, all things having to do with being a slice of Cosmic Life Force, or an extension of the Universe in a human body).

Qi is in constant transformation. Transforming food into energy, excess into waste, breath into oxygen, and more. On and on goes the process from birth to death.

Thus transformation is imperative.

Transformation is also a word used to describe the process of healing into wholeness.

For example when a person has an old wound and the energy is still in their system impeding optimal function, and they intentional transform and release that old energy, they heal.

It’s what all of us are trying to do. Move out the old so the fresh can do the job it’s designed to do.

Transformation. I also like the word transmutation. And I LOVE the word alchemy.

Alchemy in our context, would be the transmutation of unhealed, stagnant energy into the higher energy of optimal function, flow, health, and wholeness.

I’ll have some of that!

The 5 Elements are like a roadmap as well as powerful portals of understanding for creative healing and transformation. They are also entryways into the Creative Healing Process.

Here’s a small slice of the 5 Element pie:

  • Wood Element is associated w/Liver & Gallbladder
  • Fire Element is associated w/Heart & Small Intestine
  • Earth Element is associated w/Spleen~Pancreas & Stomach
  • Metal Element is associated w/Lungs & Large Intestine
  • Water Element is associated w/Kidneys ~ Adrenals & Urinary Bladder

I say ‘small slice’ because for each of these systems, there are emotions, symptoms, colors, orifices, and much more, that put a spotlight on your personal road map and which way to go.

For example, you may be an over-thinker, have digestive problems, and low energy. The best portal for a 5 Element Creative Healing Process for you would be the Earth Element.

Or let’s say you feel fear (on any number of subjects), have a weak or painful low back, knees, and/or feet, and don’t sleep well. The best portal for you would be the Water Element.

What I mean by ‘portal’ is that you’d simply enter your Creative Healing Process via that elemental doorway in order to access energy and facilitate optimal healing.

Here’s another beautiful thing I’ve observed over the years, engaging in a creative healing process potentiates and enhances all the other things you’re doing to strengthen and heal. For example, your nutrition, or acupuncture sessions, or any other therapeutic support will work deeper, better, and often take less time when your creative life force is engaged.

Hint: Your Creative Life Force is the same energy as Your Qi. Giving your Creative Life Force ways to play, move, and transform HEALS you and your Qi.

Two more huge benefits to bringing a Creative Healing Process into your world:

1) It tends to bypasses the mind which is a big sticking point in the first place! A Creative Healing Process is able to reach past the gates of the mind, into the subconscious and release old patterns that have you feeling like you’re on a hamsters wheel with certain issues.

2) It’s one of the most enjoyable therapeutic tools I’ve encountered (and I’ve been a healer for 30yrs., well-versed in what’s around – some would say a little ‘obsessed’), this process is the most gentle, joyful, and effective I’ve seen.

Here’s the last thing, I realize I’ve gotten a bit long-winded here!

I’ve learned that true healing, and the ‘transformation journey’ is similar in nature for all human beings.

I’ve broken it down from the 5 Element perspective below:

  • Fire = Inspired about changing and improving, begin with enthusiasm for the result that outweighs or overshadows the pain, divine impulse accompanied by hope
  • Earth = Not there yet, path seems longer than expected, weariness may be setting in, losing enthusiasm, missing the comfort and familiarity of the old, begin to question everything, frustrated to have come this far without reward | path feels barren, resistance is shackling, fear, stalled, discomfort of the unknown, teeters towards turning back constantly and may just do that*
  • Metal = Discovers and cultivates the wherewithal to keep putting one foot in front of the other no matter the discomfort (this is where the transformation happens) | perseverance rises and light begins to illuminate the path again, possibility of hope returns, resilience replaces resistance
  • Water = Noticeable shift and sense of arrival | feet feel stable and planted on the other side of the bridge and there is a sense of one’s stability again, only stronger and expanded (even as the old way still whispers, beckons, and entices and offers lures of return)
  • Wood = The unification and free-flow of knowing, trusting, appreciating, and embodying this expanding field is solid. Can make more evolved life choices from new terrain. Dedicated to maintain focus here (vs. being lured back) in preparation for next crossing.

* Since the seduction of the known and familiar (even if no longer serving) is so strong, turning back is common, often for a break, or to reorient. The re-entry begins again from the beginning and moves through each stage until fully emerging to the other side.

Abundance Attraction Qualities:

Fire = Flows from connection to Source, (release resistance)

Earth = Worthy of abundance, (release justification)

Metal = Only plenty is real, (release lack)

Water = Focus on flow of it, (release the ‘way it currently is’)

Wood = Softening judgment to allow joy

Divine Qualities:

Fire = divine flame of impulse and evolution

Earth = divine matter and mystery

Metal = cosmic life force

Water = divine vision and will

Wood = divine focus

The Mother/Child Cycle:

Wood is emotionally upset, Fire causes impulse/spark for transformation, Earth nourishes for journey, Metal inspires and activates life force, Water reveals truth, so Wood can relax and soften for transformation, so the Heart can enjoy, Earth can strengthen, Metal can release, and Water can rest.

Things to watch out for:

Wood = controlling, rigid, tense, shackled vs. anchored, stagnant flow

Fire = anxiety, lack of trust, disconnection from creativity extinguishing the flame

Earth = abusing and/or leaving the body, overthinking leading to stalled function, ability, and power

Metal = worry, poor boundaries, and shallow shortness of breath

Water = fear that turns a clear ocean of truth into murky waters of confusion, inability to envision

What to gift yourself at each stage of the journey (to ensure and facilitate forward momentum toward transformation):

  • Fire = creativity, joy, light, connection to the Divine, trust…we go in knowing it may get sticky, and choose the journey anyway in order to evolve (which expands Love) 


  • Earth = nourishment of self (nature, creativity, nutrition, sleep/rest, supportive self-talk), ground and center daily, connect with guidance for each step, honor yourself for the willingness to be in the mystery of the journey in order discover the divine love that you are, and are eternally held by


  • Metal = cultivate deep breathing, consciously take in cosmic life force to flow through, and fuel you, creativity



  • Water = inquiry, right use of will, and mental alignment with divine mind so as not to burn yourself out, drain your battery, and ‘do it all’ yourself, creativity



  • Wood = regular movement, creativity, willingness to practice self-compassion and focus in order to choose wisely. 

Every element transforms beautifully in a Creative Healing Process. At the risk of sounding dramatic, it’s downright magical.

I invite you to say YES to a 5 Element Creative Healing Process, it’s simple, can take as much or as little time as you have, and it’s fun.

Our Spirit likes to play, energy moves more easily, and transformation is the result. Let’s go, I’ll take you there!  

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