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Laurie Morse, L.Ac. The Creative Healer – The premier teacher for how to tap in to your Inner Medicine to eliminate barriers to your inborn health and wellness.

Laurie Morse’s Bio:

Laurie Morse is in love with the Creative Life Force, or Qi, as a liberator of health (and wealth for that matter!). As a 25 year practitioner of Chinese Medicine, Healer, and Artist, she braids healing and creativity masterfully as a top authority on the leading edge of Creative Healing. She is called a premier teacher for guiding people to tap their inner medicine and wellness, giving people a way to stop fearing their medical future and start living again. She’s called a Creative Healer by many.

In 2008 she began weaving creativity and healing for herself and others enjoying profound results of deep transformation with lasting impact. One of the many notable outcomes to the Creative Healing Process is clear direction and solutions for what each person’s system needs to heal. It’s different for everyone which is why calling up their personal inner medicine is of great value.

She has worked with hundreds of women in the second half of their life leading them down a path of Health, Ease, Abundance, and Love to HEAL the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.

Laurie is currently the director of multiple programs, the flagship being the 5 Element Creative Healing Process ~ How to Activate Your Life Force for Health and Wealth©. Why the 5 Elements? Because they encompass everything it means to be a human being on the this planet. They are portals or doorways that take us directly to true and ancient medicine.

Laurie is a smart and savvy fount of creativity, wisdom, and healing knowledge, who is devoted to educating, empowering, and enlightening women into a relationship with their Creative Life Force which connects them to everything they want. She has published articles and speaks in conferences worldwide on the topic of Creative Healing.   

Cultivating a connection to Creative Life Force is the bridge to everything. AND…it’s what every heart and soul yearns for.

Talk Topics include, and can easily be customized for your audience:

  • 101 Ways to Cultivate Creativity Daily
  • How Creative Life Force Heals
  • Eliminating Pain thru Creative Healing
  • Healing the Gut at the Soul Level
  • Nourishing Our Creative Divinity



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