The stuff I’m talking about is fear, worry, doubt, anxiety, depression, anger, loneliness, and feeling not enough on virtually all subjects…not enough time, not enough money, not enough love, not good enough yada, yada.

Even if they don’t all pop in every day, it seems something pops up most days.

“I’ve worked on my anger issues, why does it keep coming back?!?!”

“Why do I feel alone in a room full of people. People I love even!”

“And why in the name of all things good does it feel like depression is smothering me, and anxiety and worry are choking me to death!?”

Scrambling for the ‘shut the f%&k up’ button in my head!

My mind was a gymnastics nightmare, often referred to as ‘monkey mind’ before I was gifted the awareness of healing the core wounds of separation.

No matter what healing work I did (and I did a lot starting at 18 thru 54 ~ you can do the math :), things would feel settled for a while, I’d feel relieved but then stuff would just come back in a different form.

What are the core wounds of separation?

Probably a good idea to start with what the heck a ‘wound of separation’ is before we talk about what they are.

Simply put, before coming into a physical experience we were part of the whole. I imagine it as one big soup of consciousness that is love.   I’m on team… “We’re spiritual beings having a physical experience”.

To splinter off as an extension of the whole, as is the case for each human being, is a bit shocking. A contrast is arriving into the jungle that is life on earth, from a full, love-filled connection.

There is a distinction between ‘splintering off’ and being an ‘extension of’. In Truth, we are an extension of the Source of Love. Evan as our lower mind would have us believe so, we have never been pinched off or separate. Erroneously, I might add.

As a mind indulges the false sense of separation, it’s alone and afraid. This is the mind field in which depression, anxiety, worry, fear, grief, pain, and not-enoughness takes over. Let’s say this is ‘point A’.

Being connected to the Source of Love and feeling a different sense of being whole, comes from a slight shift in perspective. Point B. Moving from point A to point B is the whole point of a life.

The point A perspective reflects back lack, limitation, fear, not enough, duality, health concerns, and that bloody feeling of never getting out of the weeds, never getting untangled from the ‘stuff’.

All these shenanigans can make people feel “broken”. In Truth, the only thing that is “broken”, is our connection to our source of Love.

Good news. In order to “see” that it’s always right here, we simply need to shift our attention, It’s never really broken. Now. Never goes anywhere. It is us who refuses to leave the perspective of point A (fear tangle).

When we try and get out from under our ‘stuff’, we assume we can heal by attempting to be better at what is already not working. Never works. We spin on a hamsters wheel in the same perspective thinking that all the activity is getting us somewhere.

The ONLY thing that works is returning all the shenanigans of fear to Love. At which point fear is absorbed into Love, and transformed. That’s movement from point A to B. That’s True Alchemy.

The Gold is Love. And YOU are the gold.

The base metal transmutes into Gold. Your lower mind transmutes into Truth. One breath, one thought, one pocket of fear, one worry, one pain at a time.

It’s ok if you’ve got some layers to remove to get to the gold. We all do.

Every spiritual tradition, the essence of all teachings, the entire Bible are dedicated to this Truth.

Allow me to say (because it’s from my own experience, as well as working with others)…there is nothing you want more than this at the level of your heart and soul.


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