Share a Free 5-Element Gift w/Your Patients and Receive TCM Asian Art for Your Clinic/Treatment Space

and…Get Better Treatment Outcomes, Creatively!

Would you like to help your patients creatively move their Qi between treatments with you?


Better treatment outcomes results in patients who:

  • Stay the course with your treatment plan
  • Become long term returning patients (patient retention increases)
  • Engage your patient’s Creative Life Force to HEAL
  • Connect and/or reconnect with you and your services
  • Enjoy their experience with you and acupuncture at another level
  • Have greater appreciation to you for broadening their healing scope
  • Greater understanding of the 5 Elements so you can have expanded conversations with them about the range of TCM and how it can serve them.  (i.e. if you’re treating them for elbow pain (or your specialty) now, they won’t hesitate to return to you for other problems later because the broader scope of the 5 Elements is outlined for them in the e-book)
  • Continuously return to you for all their health needs
  • Refer all their family and friends to you


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I’d love to share this special gift with you! Keeping your Qi moving between treatments is vital, here are some fast, fun, and creative ways to do that. Let me know what you think. p.s. you’ll learn more about the 5-Elements and how they can creatively potentiate all your good health choices too. Enjoy!  Click Here for Your Free Gift



“Chinese Physician’s Oath”


“Lotus Warm”

“Lotus Cool”