Creativity: The Portal to Health

If you are human you are creative. Even more so if you are a woman. The design of a woman’s body is for creation. As a woman your body is a divine instrument through which new life is constantly created. This means a ‘baby’ a small percentage of time. For some women, it may never mean a baby. Which means there’s a lot of other creations happening throughout a lifetime.

Your deep desires are nudges from the divine as to what would make your soul sing among the myriad of creative options.

I’m not talking just about painting, writing, sculpting, rather I’m talking about being creative in every corner of life. Finding creative solutions to situations at work, at home, in how to weave healthy food into your days, and how to relate with your loved ones, and yes…creating art or beauty in the traditional ways.

What does this have to you being whole and healthy?


Creativity is a way of knowing what isn’t yet conscious. It’s a portal to the deeper parts of ourself while at the same time being a safe way to discover, release, and heal anything.

We can enter the creative portal with a question, a problem, or a need, and come out the other side with the sacred sauce we need to answer the question, solve the problem, or tend to the need.

Entering the creative portal is a spiritual journey. A journey we are designed to take. No person is an exception to this.

You and I are constantly creating because that’s who we are. We can’t not be creative. The nature of the Universe is creative impulse. Constant creative impulse. And that creative impulse runs through our blood. Is our blood.

The moment a woman realizes, accepts, and cultivates this truth for herself is the moment she begins to heal at every level of her being. From grief, loss, pain, confusion, anger, stress, depression, anxiety, to a mild or devastating diagnosis. And the biggest one of all: Fear.

Fear steals from us all day long. Steals our energy, our inspiration, our willpower, and our life force. Creativity bypasses fear and cuts to the quick in the most amazing ways.

And it’s a LOT more fun to return fear to love through the creative portal than any other I’ve found.

As each ‘doing’ is reverently approached from the creative being that you are, it transforms into a sacred outcome. I’m talking ‘doings’ from the mundane to the profound.

From dressing yourself as if you are a ‘canvas’ by choosing the colors and adornments of your body/canvas to please yourself as the presence of beauty and art that YOU are. To the extra moment you take to have flowers on your table, and music in your space, and scents that lift your spirits (like essential oils), to the tone you choose with your child/partner/boss/grocery store clerk, to the next book you write or speech you deliver.

It’s endless the channels of creative expression that connect you to the divine all day, every day.

We just miss them, more often than not. Let’s stop missing them and start playing with them, honoring them, and reveling in them. Which in turn, heals, releases fear, and expands Love.

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Are you Creative or Productive?

Or both? I’m an ‘all of the above’ girl. I notice in myself and others, we are both creative and productive. It’s built into our operating system as a human being.

The better question might be, “which is more developed?”  Or, “which do we default to habitually?”

That would be ‘productive’ for most of us. And there’s nothing wrong with being productive.

It’s just limiting when being creative is given little attention in favor of over productivity.

In order to unpack this, it’s necessary that we take a view from the perspective of masculine and feminine traits.

Productivity is a masculine trait. Creativity is a feminine trait. Both are great traits.

As a human being who lives on a planet of counter-balance (think sun and moon, yin and yang, dark and light, etc.) we need both to thrive.

Most of us are in a default mode of over producing and barely surviving, let alone thriving.

When the masculine is out of balance, meaning it doesn’t have enough stabilizing feminine, it over functions into pushing, driving hard, over thinking and analyzing, angry/edgy/frustration/aggression, rigidity, fear, over-controlling, and anxious.

Most of us operate in an over-functioning, push-to-be-productive mode. Right? Who doesn’t have a “To-Do” list as long as their arm? Who doesn’t feel a sense of value and accomplishment every time an item gets crossed off?

It’s worthy of a conversation because all that over-functioning squeezes out the really valuable, equalizing, and balancing forces. If there was ONLY sun, we’d be screwed. It there was ONLY fire, we’d die without moon and water. Nothing would grow and we’d scorch to death.

What is imperative in the counter balance of feminine qualities, are qualities such as creativity, allowing, spaciousness, collaboration (let’s say with Spirit in this sense), gentle, loving, compassionate, and serene.

My job, your job, as a human being, especially as a woman, is to find this balance in yourself. To awaken your creative and compassionate Self who is in collaboration with the divinity within.

This allows love to absorb fear. It allows for creative solutions to weave their way into your world. It allows for color and hope and transformation, and healing.

By the way, if the state of the world makes you cry, I understand. Yet, I know in my heart, that it’s a macrocosm of the same microcosm we just talked about. The way to heal the world is to heal our own balance first. It’s got to be one soul at a time.

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The Truth About Creativity

Women tell me all the time that they aren’t creative. Or they don’t know where to start, and it feels intimidating. They’d like to get past the fear and begin to trust there is something inside of them, but they don’t even know how to begin.

Which brings her to all kinds of questions like…should I try it on my own, or take a class, what is my version of being creative (since I don’t paint, sculpt, woodwork, flower arrange etc.), is there something hidden inside of me. And if so, how do I tap into it, get it out, and set it free?

She wants something personal for herself, and is willing to develop it, as long as it’s inspiring, stimulates her to produce something, and she can start small to build her trust.

Wow. That’s exactly the kinds of questions to ask. Like all honest inquiries, it’s valuable to begin with the Truth. The Truth about Creativity is good news.

The thing is you are ‘creating’ ALL the time! Here is the definition of create:

to cause (something) to happen as a result of one’s actions

Are you not ‘creating’ all the time? But when we hear the word ‘creativity’ we get our underwear up in a bunch because we automatically think we aren’t ‘creative’. Not true.

~ Since every human begin is an extension of the Creative Life Force, every human being is as individual aspect OF Creative Life Force.

~ Creative Life Force is the seat of creativity. It’s also the same Life Force that HEALS.

~ You can’t NOT be a creative human being. Everyone is a creative person.

~ Creativity is about finding solutions.

~ Creativity is an aspect of the Soul and feelings landscape (which everyone has)

~ The mind has a very limited perception of creativity, of your creativity, and what’s possible.

~ To awaken your creativity, you must ignore that critical part of your mind.

~ The mind will have you believe it’s scary to go inside and connect with your Creative Spirit. The mind could not be more wrong. Not only is it not scary, it’s liberating.

~ Giving your creative life force an outlet in the physical realm is like building a muscle. Practice opens doors, paves pathways, and connects ideas to outlets in YOUR life. Not the artist down the streets life, but your life.

~ Creativity moves from the inside out.

~ The Creative Force and Fabric of the Universe is Love. Love is who you are.

~ Everyone I connect with craves more creative outlets in her life.

~Creative outlets are everywhere. Part of the fun is the finding them.

We ‘demonstrate’ our creativity by engaging with the Creative Principle inside.

Start by noticing that you are a creative being and that all day long you are creating outcomes and results.

Practice engaging with the creative part of yourself with acceptance and curiosity. How else might I approach this? What if we did it this way? Is there another way to see this?

Each soul who taps into her creativity not only heals herself, but also heals the world.

Enjoy a complimentary list of 56 Ways Your Creativity Heals

“The best way to guarantee the future is to create it” ~ Abraham Lincoln

Your Creativity is Calling!

AND…she’ll show you how to heal. Sounds like a call worth taking, don’t let this one go to voice mail!

If you’re not answering because you think you’re not creative, I’m going to encourage you to PICK UP THE PHONE!

Sorry, didn’t mean to yell, but I’m a bit passionate about this. Why?

Because every human being IS CREATIVE. It’s the nature of our being. I’m not talking about being an ‘artist’ here, although if you are, great. I’m talking about accessing your wisdom and guidance in order to creatively solve problems, find solutions, unleash your body’s innate cellular intelligence to heal, and even bring more ‘color’ into your world.

So you can rock your life. So you stop wasting time with aches, pains, worries, and uncertainty and get on with who you are (you know she’s in there), and what you’re about in the remaining years of your life.

So life can love you the way you’re meant to be loved. The Universe is designed to provide for you. All we have to do is get of the way.

Your Creativity is a Key. Seriously. If you’re locked out of yourself. If you can’t access your deepest wisdom, let alone your desires, well, that makes life more difficult than it needs to be.

You need the KEY! You HAVE the key. I can show you how to find the key and unlock your goods. Goods like Health, Ease, Abundance, and Love. Yours by Divine right.

The only problem is you may not think this it’s possible, or you’re sure you got left off the ‘creativity team’ when the picking was going down. Allow me to say…

You’re wrong.

You ARE creative and it IS possible.

How do I know, because I live it. And so have many (many) other women just like you do too.

Dear God, it wasn’t always that way. I had the same stories in my head, “I’m not creative, yada, yada”, until I realized I was lying to myself.

Are you tired? Frustrated? Not sure what else to do? I get it.

What do you have to lose but to consider that you might be throwing the baby out with the bathwater regarding the possibility that your life force is creative?

If you’re alive, you have life force. The nature of life force is being creative.

And it’s aching to be liberated. Not to overwhelm you, but to be with you. To guide you. To teach you. To transform the stuff in your life that isn’t work into usable currency.

What if your personal medicine lives in your willingness to explore a creative process?

Holy crap! It would suck if you walked on by. Didn’t answer the ringing call.

If you’re like so many other women I know (myself included, although it’s gotten WAY better and only because of my willingness to heal via my creativity), doesn’t it feel, sometimes, like we can’t possibly open “that” door (the door that guides us to transform deeply with lasting impact) because it feels like the moment we open the door, everything will come pouring out and crush us.

Do you feel that way sometimes?

Like so much has piled up over all the years, that it seems best to just let it be.

What I’ve learned is that creativity is the most gentle, graceful, loving, fun, perfectly paced way to transform the old and the stuck. The pain and the fear.

It feels magical to me. I won’t ask you to go that far until you give it a try.

I just ask you to give it a try. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

If you want to stay in this conversation, I invite you to join a community dedicated to exploring the return of fear to love in creative ways.

There’s plenty of free stuff, thoughts, ideas, other like minded people like yourself, and plenty of support.

I hope to see you in the sacred circle:

Does Fear Live Rent Free in Your Head?

I have to ask myself this question regularly! Just to make sure.

After all, the landscape of my mind IS prime real estate!

The game of life is played, won, and lost in the mind. There doesn’t seem to be tie games.

And how often do we give fear, doubt, and worry permission to live rent free?!  All the time, too often, all day every day, seems to be the answer!

Fear is the squatter here. YOU are the one with the rights. YOU own the land.

Want to know a secret?

The Creative Healing Process begins the eviction process! Whoa, yeah baby!

You mean color, and simple acts of intentional creativity sends fear and her cohorts packing?


Choosing to engage a creative healing process, however short or long, can evict the squatter.

It can transform trauma and help you build the muscle for a new way of being.

Another gift of creativity is it connects you to your intuition, guidance, and wisdom.

All those delights are already in you, it’s just that if fear is squatting in YOUR head space, you’re locked out from the goods.

Creativity is your key to unlock, and get to these goods. Then you’ll see that they’ve been there all along. They ARE you. That it’s not possible to hold them back now or ever.

There’s a few really cool words in the word ‘create’…eat, art, tree, ate, tea, cat (let me know if you see more)…and all those words are precious to me.

I also think it’s interesting that those words are all about nourishment. Creativity is one of the most nourishing happenings I’ve found. It’s right up there with being in nature, chocolate, meditation, and sex.


If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself. Using your hands to intentionally create something. To bring something into form. To cause something to change.

It’s magical.

If someone had told me that 25yrs. ago I would have brushed it off as ‘over the top’, been judgmental, and thought, ‘this is certainly not for me’.

But, you know how when we’re really judgmental and critical about something, it often comes back around to show itself otherwise? Just like the ‘never say never’ phenomenon!

After SO many creative healing processes that have transformed old beliefs, traumas, and fears, and given me a way to re-create myself…I’m a believer now. I get it. Not because someone told me, but because I live it, and it’s in me, and I own it.

That happened one step at a time. One intention at a time. One release at a time.

It’s alchemy. We are talking about a process (creativity) that literally changes lead to gold. Fear to love. Pain to ease.

That’s true alchemy.

I took a 12 week course based on the Artist’s Way about 23yrs. ago (looking back, that was Spirit’s way of nudging me in the direction of creativity, so was dating artists, but that’s a story for another time!).

The course asked me to look for color in my day. To look for beauty in the crevices of life. And the famous ‘artists date’ where you take yourself out on a weekly date to appreciate beauty, creativity, and art.

Those were great places to start because it helped me widen my narrow view of the fact that creative life force is everywhere and in everything. I was building my creative foundation.

If you want to start playing with it too, I’d LOVE to hear what you discover. And if you’d like a kick-ass way to kick-start your creative healing process, I’d love to gift you with an e-book, you can click here to get it:  Yes! I’d love to Kick-start My Creative Healing

Where Do I Begin?

Where to start? There’s SO much to heal. There’s a pile of failures and guilt and pain and health problems and wrong choices and it feels like a pile so big, I can’t breathe. Let alone figure out where to start.

And I’m scared. If I pull one string out of this ball of twisted, knotted, wound up crap, it’ll suffocate me and I’ll die.

I can’t tell you how long I felt that way and proceeded to design my entire life around keeping that pile in tact, while gasping for short, shallow breaths so as not to topple the house of cards.

Sound familiar?

When I thought about ALL that needed to be released, healed, and returned to love. I was so overwhelmed, it froze me.

It was creativity that became my safe house. It taught me that I could crawl out from under the pile, practice taking long deep breaths that connects me to life in the moment, and then safely show me how to release one false belief, one error thought, one pattern at a time.

And holy crap on a cracker, what a difference it makes! My one and only regret, and I’ve made peace with it :), is that I didn’t let creativity in sooner. She’d been knocking on my door for years. I didn’t answer. I was too scared.

Now, in hindsight, she was the very thing I’d beed asking for in order to untangle my fears, worries, addictions, and pain. She taught me how to turn all that into creativity.

Here’s the thing…with each release, with each return of fear, FREEDOM takes it’s place.

Freedom is your truth. Fear is the siphon. Fear coerces us to give it our energy leaving us shackled, exhausted, and definitely NOT free.

When we give our precious energy to fear, it remains active. When we withdraw our energy from fear, it dissipates.

While it’s that simple, it isn’t always easy. Trust me, I get it. Fear is cunning, enticing, and seductive.

To make matters worse, fear is what we know. And we always feel ‘safer’ with what we know. However false that may be.

Fears ONLY life force is our energy. The only way fear stays afloat is via the energy and attention I give it.

Here’s the deal about creativity, she knows how to outsmart fear.

Back to the original question, “Where do I start?”

There is no other place to begin other than where you are, and it’s important to know this…

Fear would have you looking several steps ahead of where you are, which is a setup for:

1) royally tripping over ourselves, and 2) confirming our worst fear that we’re a loser, fuck-up who can’t get anything right. Again.

That’s a perfect recipe for retreating back from whence we came.

It takes conscious choice to start right here, right now, exactly where you are. Start with one breath at a time. One step at a time. One thread (of the tangled, messy pile) at a time.

If you feel like you’re suffocating. Take a breath, and celebrate that you’re ok having made that choice.

Ultimately, you’ll want to step out from under the pile, all the while breathing, and simply stand beside it.

Acknowledge the pile, it’s not going anywhere (just yet), and claim that you are on your two feet right where you are.

And nothing bad has happened.

Coolest thing every…there are usually just a few threads that unravel the whole darn thing. You’ll soon realize that you don’t have to untangle and heal every single freaking thread, which is the part that seems impossible and overwhelming. Just a few threads gets it done.

If that’s where you are, that’s where you are. Period. That’s where every single one of us starts…

  • notice the pile and suffocation
  • decide to step away from the pile and not BE the pile
  • simply stand there planting your feet firmly while breathing
  • then you get to dissolve one thread of fear at a time, safely
  • pretty soon, you’ll feel freedom (which includes a sense of safety, life force, and divinity) filing in all those places inside you that fear was living rent free
  • now it’s YOUR game, you and Source are at the helm, charting the course, and enjoying the journey. As Love.

I promise you won’t die. You’ll liberate yourself into your life. Taking this journey via the creative process turns it from a frozen, serious, frightening, impossibility, to a safe, moving, colorful, playful, dance of freedom.

Answer the door, she’s knocking on your door!  You’re welcome to a complimentary e-book on How To Kickstart Your Creative Healing ~ Click Here for your copy!

May the Empowered Rise

May the Empowered Rise. Which is not the same as pushing with a false sense of power is it?

I get it, many are still processing rage, anxiety and uncertainty over the future, and dancing with the real enemy…fear.

All the human emotions are designed to flow THROUGH us, not show up, squat, and live rent free in us.

Yet we’ve not been taught the art of eviction.

So we keep recycling the same emotional crap over and over. That’s the reason ‘history repeats itself’ when the design is for us to mine the gold, harvest the takeaways, and go forth to change history. To make things better.

Despite the grand-canyon-like pool of emotions at play, in varying degrees of expression, we still move forward as humans. That’s how amazing we are.

At this point in time, it looks to me like almost every individual is at a crossroads, a choice point.

I think one of the reasons we are reluctant to ‘let go’ of our anger/rage/fear is because we feel if we do, nothing will ever change. Complacency will overrule. Except that’s an ass-backwards way of looking at it. It’s complacency that get us into these messes in the first place, all the while we remain unconsciously shackled by our rage/fear/anger etc.

We gather together, each of us bringing our variation of rage/fear/anger to ‘push things in the direction we think is right and good’. The HUGE problem with that is we can’t change things for the better from the platform of rage/fear/anger.

The laws of energy don’t work that way. I keep hoping we’ll figure that out soon.

Energy is energy. Plays no favorites. Doesn’t matter how impassioned you are about your position. It’s all still energy in the end. The places you direct your energy expands that energy.

To direct energy, to wield energy, to call forth the energy of what is deeply important to us requires:

  1. We recognize the rage/fear/anger as the SIGNAL, not the platform. The signal alerts us that a new vision ready to awaken. Our job is to be clear about the vision.
  2. We transmute this energy of rage/fear into useable, wieldable, malleable energy for good to bring the vision into the world of form. We’re here, on the planet, in the world of form after all.
  3. We “hold” the energy in the direction of what we say we want (and it’s ok if we need to amend it along the way). Wavering back and forth costs us time, energy, and resources.
  4. We direct our energy to the ‘causing’ of our vision into form, until it’s here. The less we waver, the faster it arrives into form.

We’re all so skilled at getting our feathers ruffled, and have virtually no skill at doing the above. Yet this is what is required to create change.

For the record…’wavering’ looks like…”I have a vision, but I doubt it can happen. Yes, this vision is important to me, and it scares me into non-action. I ache for this vision, but I don’t think I’m good enough to have it.”

The words ‘stunned’ and ‘shocked’ have come up a lot after the election. I am stunned and shocked every time I have a conversation with someone about the way energy works. The laws that are immutable (bend for no one), and they proceed as if the conversation never happened wailing for things to change. WTF!?!?!

Our resistance to our relationship to how energy works determines whether or not we are an empowered individual or one who thinks they’re empowered simply because rage and fear is coursing through their veins. It’s one of the great human delusions.

Another delusion is that we can make change from a platform of anger and fear. We can’t. We simply get more anger and fear. Then we burn out because we can’t live with that intensity all day, every day.

Change can only be made from a platform of connection or alignment with the Infinite Intelligence that permeates all things. This is the energy that beats your heart and pumps your blood and causes the sun and moon to rise, DESPITE, the gang of squatters (fear, rage, doubt et al) allowed in your system.

We’ve got to stop pointing fingers to the bad people and terrorists ‘out there’. We are all card-carrying terrorists from the way we talk to ourselves in our head, to the words that come out of our mouth, to the things we don’t choose because of how much fear runs our life.

When you create a connection to Universal Tapestry of Truth, and think, talk, and act from there. Then you’ll stop being a party to terrorism.

This connection shows up when we’ve transformed the very energy that silences it. Fear.

People will say there’s no time for this namby-pamby, woo-woo, metaphysical crap when shit is hitting the fan!

Yet, how has avoiding the ‘metaphysical crap’ been working for us so far? This very metaphysical stuff is the point of every life.

The point is to transmute energy from lower forms to higher forms. Examples are fear to love, doubt to faith, depression to expression, lack to plenty, illness to health.

We use our Creative Life Force to do this. Which is very different than WASTING our creative life force on our savage attempts to get out of the shackles of fear and rage.

One builds us up and empowers us, the other tears us apart and offers a dangerous sense of false power.

We’ve got to begin the work of noticing this difference, first and foremost in ourselves, SO THAT we can be effective change-makers in the world.

There will be NO change from the platform of rage and fear, there will only be more rage and fear playing itself out in yet, another form trying desperately to get our attention.

Get our attention for what? To transform the base nature of this energy into a higher form. Through you and me and every fellow human who is willing to do the REAL work of change.

This is true alchemy. This is the philosopher’s stone, the holy grail. AND….it’s NOT outside of you. It’s inside of you. Mine your gold.

It’s not now, and never will be, about one political party or another, that’s a distraction. It’s about each and every one of us mining our gold. Then from that place, we are a collective that makes very different choices than we do from fear.

How many more years are we going to pretend that’s not true?

First, you are a sovereign human being with your full connection to the Source of all Life, and then you are part of a citizenry. We’ve got to get the order correct in order to be a valuable contributor to the citizenry. Let’s do this!

How Asking a Question Stops Fear

How does asking a question stop fear? Great question!

Somewhere along the line, I realized that the quality of my life is in direct proportion to the quality of my questions.

If you’ve got a problem, a health concern, or are stuck, you need a solution or an answer. Almost instantly your mind will lock on to something and pass it off as “THEE answer”.

The human mind is designed to quickly pinpoint and secure concrete conclusions. The faster, the better.

There are a couple of problems with that plan:

1) In it’s haste, the mind misses a lot.

2) Due to its need to ‘pinpoint’ something concrete and feel secure, it’s focus is narrow which leaves out many options. Usually those options are better solutions to the question or problem.

Enter…questions or inquiries.  I like to keep an ‘inquiry journal’. What’s an inquiry journal?

  • A place to put all your questions about life and receive feedback
  • A way of connecting with wisdom, intelligence, and solutions
  • A way of allowing the Universe to bring you answers
  • A way to hold your entire system open to possibilities
  • A way to expand your awareness
  • A way to strengthen your relationship to your Creative Life Force, Heart and Soul

Here’s another key to an inquiry….it stops fear in it’s tracks. It forces fear to back down and soften. 

Fear is a constant expression of our lower mind. Whereas faith is a constant expression of our Divine Mind.

We have both.

Some general characteristics about the mind and fear:

  • It honestly believes it is always right
  • It is designed to protect you and keep you alive, but not programmed to allow you to thrive (that’s the job of your heart and soul)
  • It is unaware (until you show it) that a connection to higher wisdom exists
  • It is not at all comfortable with open inquiries (in fact, it’s more than uncomfortable, it’s terrified of it)
  • It is all about being “serious and heavy” whereas the Divine has a “sense of humor and is light” ~ it’s good to know the difference and how it feels inside.
  • It loathes the idea of letting your Divine Intelligence take the pilot seat (which means it is left with the co-pilot seat)
  • With your regular conscious choice to allow Divine Intelligence to guide you, it will eventually yield to the co-pilot seat.
  • When it is scared, which can be a lot, you feel fear, worry, doubt, guilt, shame, depressed, and stuck.
  • It’s not that hard to comfort the mind and help it feel safe, but it does take some practice. It’s like building a muscle.

When you notice you have a problem, whether it’s a physical issue, a looping emotion, another person, a lack of something (time, energy, money), confusion, or something you’re trying to understand. Anything and everything is fair game. Follow these simple steps:

  • Notice and become aware of the problem (try not to judge yourself, just notice), you can be sure something is up when you feel serious, tense, or upset
  • Identify what you’d rather have instead (it’s often the opposite of the problem or some variation of it)
  • Write in your journal the problem/concern/issue, and then write what you’d rather have (solution/answer/discovery/more or less of something)
  • Begin using the inquiry prompts to open the energy, connect to wisdom/intelligence, and receive insights to bring about what you want

How long it takes to receive insights is the only unknown. It’s not a matter of “if, it’s a matter of “when”. Things that keep coming back or are chronic will probably take longer than new or acute issues. Your job is to patiently hold the inquiry open until you receive what you need to move through the problem to higher ground.

You may receive insights by way of:

  • a song
  • a line in a movie
  • something someone says
  • something you ‘happen’ to read
  • the still small voice of your inner guidance
  • or any number of ways, it works best when you play with it

Let the Universe surprise and delight you with insights, guidance, and solutions to your problems, and it will.

How Creativity Moves Your Qi

Just for the record Qi is your Life Force. It’s what beats your heart, pumps your blood, digests your food, and heals your body.

Sometimes Qi gets stuck. Some people don’t have enough Qi. While others have Qi in the wrong places.

It’s the usual cast of characters that cause ‘Qi problems’…poor nutrition, lack of rest and movement, shallow breathing, unresolved trauma and emotions, injury, and too much or too little of anything.

The Goldilocks effect definitely applies to Qi!

It is ample Qi flowing freely in your body that activates healing intelligence. This is equivalent to the Holy Grail for the Body, Mind, and Spirit.

In Chinese Medicine there are 5 Elements which relate to specific organs, functions, and correspond to all things mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. (You know, all things having to do with being a slice of Cosmic Life Force, or an extension of the Universe in a human body).

Qi is in constant transformation. Transforming food into energy, excess into waste, breath into oxygen, and more. On and on goes the process from birth to death.

Thus transformation is imperative.

Transformation is also a word used to describe the process of healing into wholeness.

For example when a person has an old wound and the energy is still in their system impeding optimal function, and they intentional transform and release that old energy, they heal.

It’s what all of us are trying to do. Move out the old so the fresh can do the job it’s designed to do.

Transformation. I also like the word transmutation. And I LOVE the word alchemy.

Alchemy in our context, would be the transmutation of unhealed, stagnant energy into the higher energy of optimal function, flow, health, and wholeness.

I’ll have some of that!

The 5 Elements are like a roadmap as well as powerful portals of understanding for creative healing and transformation. They are also entryways into the Creative Healing Process.

Here’s a small slice of the 5 Element pie:

  • Wood Element is associated w/Liver & Gallbladder
  • Fire Element is associated w/Heart & Small Intestine
  • Earth Element is associated w/Spleen~Pancreas & Stomach
  • Metal Element is associated w/Lungs & Large Intestine
  • Water Element is associated w/Kidneys ~ Adrenals & Urinary Bladder

I say ‘small slice’ because for each of these systems, there are emotions, symptoms, colors, orifices, and much more, that put a spotlight on your personal road map and which way to go.

For example, you may be an over-thinker, have digestive problems, and low energy. The best portal for a 5 Element Creative Healing Process for you would be the Earth Element.

Or let’s say you feel fear (on any number of subjects), have a weak or painful low back, knees, and/or feet, and don’t sleep well. The best portal for you would be the Water Element.

What I mean by ‘portal’ is that you’d simply enter your Creative Healing Process via that elemental doorway in order to access energy and facilitate optimal healing.

Here’s another beautiful thing I’ve observed over the years, engaging in a creative healing process potentiates and enhances all the other things you’re doing to strengthen and heal. For example, your nutrition, or acupuncture sessions, or any other therapeutic support will work deeper, better, and often take less time when your creative life force is engaged.

Hint: Your Creative Life Force is the same energy as Your Qi. Giving your Creative Life Force ways to play, move, and transform HEALS you and your Qi.

Two more huge benefits to bringing a Creative Healing Process into your world:

1) It tends to bypasses the mind which is a big sticking point in the first place! A Creative Healing Process is able to reach past the gates of the mind, into the subconscious and release old patterns that have you feeling like you’re on a hamsters wheel with certain issues.

2) It’s one of the most enjoyable therapeutic tools I’ve encountered (and I’ve been a healer for 30yrs., well-versed in what’s around – some would say a little ‘obsessed’), this process is the most gentle, joyful, and effective I’ve seen.

It’s important to understand how a human being moves through transformation, read all about it here!

How to Navigate Transformation & Healing with Grace

I’ve learned that true healing, and the ‘transformation journey’ is similar in nature for all human beings.

I’ve broken it down from the 5 Element perspective below:

  • Heart = Inspired about changing and improving, begin with enthusiasm for the result that outweighs or overshadows the pain, divine impulse accompanied by hope
  • Earth = Not there yet, path seems longer than expected, weariness may be setting in, losing enthusiasm, missing the comfort and familiarity of the old, begin to question everything, frustrated to have come this far without reward | path feels barren, resistance is shackling, fear, stalled, discomfort of the unknown, teeters towards turning back constantly and may just do that*
  • Metal = Discovers and cultivates the wherewithal to keep putting one foot in front of the other no matter the discomfort (this is where the transformation happens) | perseverance rises and light begins to illuminate the path again, possibility of hope returns, resilience replaces resistance
  • Water = Noticeable shift and sense of arrival | feet feel stable and planted on the other side of the bridge and there is a sense of one’s stability again, only stronger and expanded (even as the old way still whispers, beckons, and entices and offers lures of return)
  • Wood = The unification and free-flow of knowing, trusting, appreciating, and embodying this expanding field is solid. Can make more evolved life choices from new terrain. Dedicated to maintain focus here (vs. being lured back) in preparation for next crossing.

* Since the seduction of the known and familiar (even if no longer serving) is so strong, turning back is common, often for a break, or to reorient. The re-entry begins again from the beginning and moves through each stage until fully emerging to the other side.

Divine Qualities:

Heart = divine flame of impulse and evolution

Earth = divine matter and mystery

Metal = cosmic life force

Water = divine vision and will

Wood = divine focus

The Mother/Child Cycle:

Wood is emotionally upset, Fire causes impulse/spark for transformation, Earth nourishes for journey, Metal inspires and activates life force, Water reveals truth, so Wood can relax and soften for transformation, so the Heart can enjoy, Earth can strengthen, Metal can release, and Water can rest.

Things to watch out for:

Wood = controlling, rigid, tense, shackled vs. anchored, stagnant flow

Fire = anxiety, lack of trust, disconnection from creativity extinguishing the flame

Earth = abusing and/or leaving the body, overthinking leading to stalled function, ability, and power

Metal = worry, poor boundaries, and shallow shortness of breath

Water = fear that turns a clear ocean of truth into murky waters of confusion, inability to envision

What to gift yourself at each stage of the journey (to ensure and facilitate forward momentum toward transformation):

  • Heart = creativity, joy, light, connection to the Divine, trust…we go in knowing it may get sticky, and choose the journey anyway in order to evolve (which expands Love)
  • Earth = nourishment of self (nature, creativity, nutrition, sleep/rest, supportive self-talk), ground and center daily, connect with guidance for each step, honor yourself for the willingness to be in the mystery of the journey in order discover the divine love that you are, and are eternally held by
  • Metal = cultivate deep breathing, consciously take in cosmic life force to flow through, and fuel you, creativity
  • Water = inquiry, right use of will, and mental alignment with divine mind so as not to burn yourself out, drain your battery, and ‘do it all’ yourself, creativity
  • Wood = regular movement, creativity, willingness to practice self-compassion and focus in order to choose wisely.

Every element transforms beautifully in a Creative Healing Process. At the risk of sounding dramatic, it’s downright magical.

I invite you to say YES to a 5 Element Creative Healing Process, it’s simple, can take as much or as little time as you have, and it’s fun.

Our Spirit likes to play, energy moves more easily, and transformation is the result. Let’s go, I’ll take you there!