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  • Creativity: The Portal to Health

    If you are human you are creative. Even more so if you are a woman. The design of a woman’s body is for creation. As a woman your body is a divine instrument through which new life is constantly created. This means a ‘baby’ a small percentage of time. For some women, it may never […]

  • Are you Creative or Productive?

    Or both? I’m an ‘all of the above’ girl. I notice in myself and others, we are both creative and productive. It’s built into our operating system as a human being. The better question might be, “which is more developed?”  Or, “which do we default to habitually?” That would be ‘productive’ for most of us. […]

  • The Truth About Creativity

    Women tell me all the time that they aren’t creative. Or they don’t know where to start, and it feels intimidating. They’d like to get past the fear and begin to trust there is something inside of them, but they don’t even know how to begin. Which brings her to all kinds of questions like…should […]

  • Your Creativity is Calling!

    AND…she’ll show you how to heal. Sounds like a call worth taking, don’t let this one go to voice mail! If you’re not answering because you think you’re not creative, I’m going to encourage you to PICK UP THE PHONE! Sorry, didn’t mean to yell, but I’m a bit passionate about this. Why? Because every […]

  • Does Fear Live Rent Free in Your Head?

    I have to ask myself this question regularly! Just to make sure. After all, the landscape of my mind IS prime real estate! The game of life is played, won, and lost in the mind. There doesn’t seem to be tie games. And how often do we give fear, doubt, and worry permission to live […]

  • Where Do I Begin?

    Where to start? There’s SO much to heal. There’s a pile of failures and guilt and pain and health problems and wrong choices and it feels like a pile so big, I can’t breathe. Let alone figure out where to start. And I’m scared. If I pull one string out of this ball of twisted, […]

  • May the Empowered Rise

    May the Empowered Rise. Which is not the same as pushing with a false sense of power is it? I get it, many are still processing rage, anxiety and uncertainty over the future, and dancing with the real enemy…fear. All the human emotions are designed to flow THROUGH us, not show up, squat, and live […]

  • How Asking a Question Stops Fear

    How does asking a question stop fear? Great question! Somewhere along the line, I realized that the quality of my life is in direct proportion to the quality of my questions. If you’ve got a problem, a health concern, or are stuck, you need a solution or an answer. Almost instantly your mind will lock […]

  • How Creativity Moves Your Qi

    Just for the record Qi is your Life Force. It’s what beats your heart, pumps your blood, digests your food, and heals your body. Sometimes Qi gets stuck. Some people don’t have enough Qi. While others have Qi in the wrong places. It’s the usual cast of characters that cause ‘Qi problems’…poor nutrition, lack of […]

  • How to Navigate Transformation & Healing with Grace

    I’ve learned that true healing, and the ‘transformation journey’ is similar in nature for all human beings. I’ve broken it down from the 5 Element perspective below: Heart = Inspired about changing and improving, begin with enthusiasm for the result that outweighs or overshadows the pain, divine impulse accompanied by hope Earth = Not there […]