.In my twenties, I realized that if I talked to my friends the way I talked to myself in my head, I’d have ZERO friends!

That’s true for just about everyone I know. Unless she’s done the work of turning her mind into a friendly landscape vs. a minefield with bombs going off and monsters jumping out to attack at every turn.

We live in a Mind based Universe. My mind, your mind is connected to the SuperConscious, Intelligence of Source, that being the case (no exception), we either hear static or a sonata.

Static is the hissing sound of being mean to ourselves in our own mind. It’s constantly pushing us because we’re not enough, we’re never enough. It’s cold, hard fear. It never shuts up, never gives us a minute of peace, and is happy to turn up the volume in our weakest moments.

I was at the dentist this morning and my dentist was telling me he was at an annual gathering of dentists over the weekend. One of his long-time friends and colleagues said to him that he was “so tired of being afraid of his fear, tired of being anxious all the time about everything.”

We went on to talk about how most people live with a regular sense of anxiety and fear-based, never-ending static in their heads. People are exhausted from it.

Can you relate?

Your Sonata, on the other hand, oh she’s beautiful. She sings for you, she whispers in your ear loving truths, she appreciates for the love that you are, she shows you your next steps, she embraces you with a knowing and a feeling of safety, she leads you to your every fulfillment, she’s the Universe in you and she’s the Source of Life that moves in through and around you.

The only thing she needs from you is your willingness to direct your focus to her. Which means away from fear. Which seems impossible at first. But it’s not only NOT impossible, it’s the point of your life.

You don’t have to be perfect, or get it exactly right. You just have to start trying, get some momentum going. Trip over yourself and be OK with that. There are no rules except one.

The only rule, so to speak, is that you use your mind to direct yourself towards Love. This automatically withdraws your attention from fear.

As you do this, you’ll see with your own eyes, and feel with your own feelings, the gift of changing your mental landscape from a minefield to a bounty of peace and inspiration. She will discover that her mind is her most cherished friend, her access to all the good that is hers by divine right.

If any human being is unwilling to do this, she will struggle, she’ll be exhausted and stressed. She will never find the peace and fulfillment she deeply craves.  Her mind will be her worst enemy and will torture her endlessly.

Each tipping of the scales from the minefield of misery to the terrain of truth clears, heals, and cleanses your Soul, returning you home to Love. Each clearing connects you to Infinite Intelligence that much more.

I know this in every cell of my being. I have lived in both the minefield of misery and the terrain of truth. It’s the difference between hell and heaven.

Did you know that the entire bible and just about all spiritual teachings are to teach a reader/listener/follower about the battleground of the mind? It is also there to show you how to walk off the minefield into the land of truth?

I learned that a couple of years back, and while I’m no bible expert, the passages that have been ‘translated’ for me into the true mental and metaphysical meanings rocked my world.

I found myself saying, “Why didn’t they just freaking say that! then, I would have been on board a long time ago!”

Where do you begin you might wonder. Start with a decision. A decision to be kinder to yourself in your head. It means you’ll have to pay attention to the foe part, without judgment. You’re observing the state of the union – or lack of union thereof!.

To allow the loving part of you to whisper to you, to show you, to lead the way. (yes, she’s there, she just hasn’t been able to get a word in edgewise)

As you do that, if you need support, by all means, get it! I have needed, and still, need lots of support to keep myself out of the minefield. By all means, don’t cheat yourself on this front.

Dissolving and dissipating fear is a human beings number one job in life. Nothing works well until this is tended to. Health, Expression, Abundance, Love…it’s on the other side of fear. With my whole heart, I promise you this.

You may wish to make your decision. Afterwards, you can accept my invitation to a complimentary video course on “How to Dissolve Fear”.


You can get free access to that course here.  See you there soon!