If you are tuned to the notion that the purpose of your life is to expand your Heart and Soul, and your capacity to be so aligned with Love that the dreary list of fear-based ‘stuff’ falls away. That dreary list is all the worry, doubt, anxieties, lack, limitations, not enough time/money/vitality/connection, and so on. Then you are on your Journey of Life.

At one point I realized that I was spending my energy spinning on a hamsters wheel with all that dreary crap and not getting anywhere. It certainly felt like I was busy getting somewhere, but that was a bold-faced illusion. Because….

The hamsters wheel is NOT the path!

Sure we can get side-tracked, In my experience, the Heart always calls us back onto the path. The sooner I get back on the path, the less suffering.

The path is where transformation occurs. And it isn’t necessarily linear. It tends to be more spiral in nature.

Transformation is where we transmute dense, mis-qualified energy into the light of our True Being. An example of ‘mis-qualified’ energy is a belief that pain or disease is normal when our true nature, what is coded in our cells, is health and well being. Or that lack is normal, when plenty is an aspect of our Divine Blueprint.

Our attention, focus, and belief, holds the mis-qualified energy locked in place.

There are a myriad of ways, both obvious and hidden, that we don’t accept, forgive, and love ourself. This too, is mis-qualified energy. Why?

Because we are an extension of the Source of All Life, an extension of this Creative Life Force. That’s the truth that each and every Soul is aching to know and feel in their cells.

The “journey” is the Divine Reconciliation of your mind, heart, body, and soul with Source or Divine Love or the Creative Life Force (all the same).

That’s not usually an overnight journey.¬†There are segments to any journey.

If we use a road trip as an example of a journey, the segments might be…the part between home and the first bathroom stop (cuz you know that’s gonna happen :), the part that takes you over the first state line (You are Now Leaving California, Welcome to Arizona!), the part where you stop for lunch, the part where you stop to sleep in a cheap Motel, the part where you’re so bored that singing 99 Bottles of Beer on the wall is actually fun, and the part where you drive up to your destination.

Our Life is the entire road trip, from beginning to end. Sure, sometimes we get a flat tire, blow out an engine hose, can’t find a place to sleep for the night, or have to pee in a bush, but we get back on the road and head toward our destination.

It’s always about getting back on the path. No matter how many detours we have to take.

Here’s the point of all this road trip ramble…

While we may be antsy, impatient, and constantly wondering, “Are we there yet?” We know that the first state line crossing is not our destination.

I would ask you to consider that a ‘part’ of your journey is not the whole path. We want it to be because we want to ‘be there’, but it is what it is…a part. A part that connects with the part before and the part after it, a truly important part, no question. But it can’t be what it isn’t. The part isn’t the whole.

Yet each part is whole and perfect in and of itself. Each part strings itself onto a strand of pearls and is a beautiful work of art. That string of pearls, and work of art, is your life.

For example, a part could be the years you were in college, or your child rearing years, or that health issue that took you by the tail, whirled you around, flung you onto the asphalt, and walked away leaving you exhausted, bruised, and defeated. But then you got to your feet, brushed yourself off, googled a bunch of shit, saw some healers, changed your nutrition, and found your way back to healthy.

And the things this ‘part’ of the journey taught you, opened in you, gifted you! Never would have happened without the bash to the asphalt.

Sometimes we’re traveling by foot on this path and it seems painfully slow. Yet, every step is movement.

The caution, because we’re so bloody impatient, is to keep from forcing the part to be the destination. Because most of us want to be ‘there’.


‘There’ is an interesting thing to ponder. Where exactly is ‘there’? What if there is no ‘there’? If energy (which you and I are) is eternal and it only changes form (first Law of Thermodynamics), then is there even an end point?

If you’re in a phase in your life, if you’re in a program or class, or in any segment of your life, what if you were to let it be a valued part rather than trying to force it to be the end all?

What if each and every thread in your tapestry of life is perfect just the way it is?

What if the invisible weaver, the Creative Life Force, is thrilled with how your tapestry coming along?