The Tree of Life is a symbol of life in many cultures and traditions. I’d like to talk about it with you in a mystical or spiritual, yet non-religious, context so we can observe how magical and remarkable The Tree of Life is.

The Tree of Life (different than the Tree of Knowledge as spoken about in the Garden of Eden) has a depth and meaning that symbolizes healing, transformation, nourishment, inspiration, and communication.

In looking at the parts of a tree, we can see…

  • The roots provide a foundation, support, and nutrition.
  • The trunk provides a solid center, stability, and a pathway for communication.
  • The branches extend themselves for an exchange of sustenance (oxygen and carbon dioxide). We NEED trees for our oxygen.
  • The leaves create a great surface area for the transformation and collection of the sun’s energy.
  • The fruit of the tree is a bountiful gift, an expression, and extension of nourishment.

In terms of the 5 Elements, each of them are represented in The Tree of Life.

  • Water from rain and the water table below the surface. At least half of what makes up a tree is water. Just like two-thirds to three-quarters of a human body is water.
  • Earth is the very foundation that supports, roots, and feeds a tree.
  • Metal being the respiratory system in a human body is the same exchange system for a tree. It breaths, exchanges, and transforms air.
  • Wood is the entire trunk, core, and stability of the tree. And as we know, where we derive all things made from wood.
  • Fire is the sun creating transformation and energy via photosynthesis.

I’ve said in other writing that I love the 5 Elements because they represent everything it is to be a human being. As well, they are like a road map and can help us find our bearings as we seek to heal, transform and thrive.

Take the quiz and find out which element is you…

And oh, how I love trees. With all my heart. They’re majestic to me. I live on my current street because 20 years ago, I was sitting on the stoop a few doors down and I thought to myself, “If I were to move to town (I was living rural), I’d want to live on this street because of the trees!” Several months later, I moved in having had no plans to move when I said that!

Trees have listened to my woes over the years, well one tree in particular when I was living rural…the stories she’s heard. They’re alive to me, talk to me, teach me, and inspire me. I love to draw them, paint them, hug them, and just be among them.

Why The Tree of Life is a mystical, spiritual, and profound symbol is because it represents a human being. Yep, you and I. For a human being to thrive she must be rooted, supported and nourished.  She must find and stay in her center, she must extend herself (only as far as her foundation allows in order to remain stable), she must breathe in order to transform, heal, and exchange vital life force, and finally, she must bear fruit and enjoy her abundance.

Some would say that means to bear children, and certainly it can represent that, but the deeper meaning of ‘bearing fruit’ is her abundant creative expression. She is an extension of the Creative Life Force, therefore, she too must bear the fruits of her creativity in whatever way she chooses. This is the secret of abundance in all forms.

Each of the elements expressed a different way are in The Creative Life Force or Qi in our physical experience. Any of the elements left out, or unbalanced, will cause disharmony and disease, in a human as well as in a tree.

There’s a tale that says when the masculine principle became dominant, the feminine principle, and The Tree of Life was turned upside down and forced underground, so to speak.

We have moved into a period where The Tree of Life, the feminine principle is ‘righting’ herself. Unfurling from a long period of being pressed down and held underground, so she may stand upright, strong, yet flexible, beautiful, bountiful, to heal and transform herself and the imbalance of humanity’s misdeeds.

Every woman has the opportunity to hear and heed this call. I invite you to consider this invitation with all your heart.

It’s your purpose in this life (if you’re here on the planet now, trust me it’s part of your purpose) to right and root yourself. It is also your purpose to create a solid spiritual foundation that heals and to nourish yourself. You need to hold your center with strength, flexibility, and love. And to bear the fruit of creativity and abundance through your very being.

That’s the purpose of your life.


Join me for a “Tree of Life” creative healing ceremony here.